Movie poster

Design assets

As a professional graphic designer and movie lover, I know how challenging it can be to find high-quality design assets for movie posters. That’s why I’m excited to share my personal design assets with you in this collection of free download links. These assets include templates, graphics, fonts, and more, all designed to help you create professional-quality movie posters with ease. I hope these resources inspire and support you in your design work. Simply click on the links below to access and download your free assets. Thank you for your interest, and happy creating!


Printed type collection


Collection of scanned type from old magazines. From advertisements to news articles, these high-resolution scans offer a wealth of typographic inspiration for your next project. The files contains separate Photoshop layers with a transparant background.


Layout designs


Layout design grid templates to help you create a cohesive and visually appealing poster design. The layouts are based on the golden ratio, 6×6 and 96×96 grid systems (compatible with Adobe Illustrator), allowing you to create a variety of different layouts for any project.


Billing block


Classic movie poster billing block design template. Featuring three character styles with Warichu settings for fonts. This template is compatible with Adobe Illustrator, fully customizable and comes with easy-to-follow instructions.