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While having her period, 15-year-old Ruby does not dare ask her mother for tampons or sanitary pads, because she knows there is really no money for them.
Fifteen-year-old Ruby lives with her mother and her younger sister in a small suburban flat. Her mother works double shifts to support the family and Ruby feels responsible for her sister. When Ruby has her period and realises there are no more sanitary pads or tampons in the house, she does not want to bother her mother with this problem. Her mom is having a hard time as it is. Not wanting to trouble anyone around her, she tries to solve it on her own.

Regie Emma Branderhorst
Scenario Milou Rohde
Director of Photography Myrthe Mosterman
Geluid Gijs Domen
Production Design Noa van Nielen
Kostuumontwerp Zoë Scheffer
Montage Tessel de Vries
Muziek Hans Nieuwenhuijsen
Sound Design Gijs Domen
Casting Borgman en Augustinus
Uitvoerend Producent Julie Janssen
Junior Producer Nicky Onstenk (IJswater Films)
Producent Marc Bary (IJswater Films)


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